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Do you honestly believe that you have something of value to say?

Well you should, because you do. 

“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Hemingway. 

(That Hemingway sure knew what he was talking about, didn't he?)

You bare your soul when you write, at least a little bit. Whatever it is…blogs, novels, cards, your diary.

… you give something of yourself.

… you let others see you and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

… you step outside of your sacred space and into the universe.

You bleed your dreams, your experiences, your joy, your pain, your hopes, your frustrations … sometimes it’s a trickle and sometimes a haemorrhage …but you bleed.

… and nobody can ever take your voice away from you. Ever.

Writing connects us; it is how we learn each other …and that is a beautiful thing.


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Sooooo, back to the post….. (ADHD folks) 😉

Recently I was asked “why do you write?” by Georgia Bell.

I’m grateful for her question …and here’s why: because along with being asked that question by such a cool sister friend I get to share two brilliant, courageous writers with you. Seriously, I’m a lucky girl!

These two writers are a breath of fresh air in a world where fresh air  words inspire me, make me laugh and often cry (sometimes ugly cry even)

(And wow, does laughing ever feel good! Except when you laugh so hard you pee a little, that's just embarrassing.) 😉

I have to pause and admit something here : the idea that I am received as a writer is mind boggling to me and I think so many of us who write would say the same thing. It is humbling (and kind of really fun) to be asked: “why do you write?”, so if you feel like you aren’t really a writer… fear not. You are. The world needs more authenticity, more courageous stories, more YOU …so, get on with the business of getting over yourself and just write.

Tell your story.

Anything. Everything.

Your heart.

Your frustrations.

Your hopes.

…because why not? You have something to say and we want to learn you.

(I am talking to you too, my sweet sister-in-law) xo

 So, I write not because I think I have mastered this authenticity thing and my voice should somehow be louder, but because I am learning myself, just like you.

write writing pen paper

My two recommendations for you : Beth Woolsey & Emelia Symingtom Fedy.

Beth Woolsey wrote and article in Huff Post about parenting that affected me so deeply I felt compelled to do a blog post on it …her article rocked me to my core. It was wise and brilliant and heart-wrenching, just like her. Pretty much everything she writes resonates with me.

She understands people and the human condition in the most beautifully honest way.

You can find Beth on Facebook.

Beth has no idea I even exist but I adore her beyond words and she (her writing) makes my life better. 
Here is a link to her article and the blog post I shared it in...because parenting can be really freaking tough.

Emelia has a blog called “trying to be good” (she had me at me at the blog title). She is so honest about the stuff nobody wants to talk about. She helps me laugh at myself and feel “normal” (even healthy) and that is a really good thing.

Emelia has no idea I exist either (do you see a pattern here?), but I love reading her writing and thought you might too.

And they both have a gagillion supporters (yes, that’s a number, Google it) 😉 but I think for good reason.


But this is about you.


write bravely