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we could all use some more funny in our lives, right ? 


 (Do you smell what I'm cookin'? wait...what?)


not adopted


That's me on the left. Totally twisted. Kidding. It's not me, but I'm twisted like that.


My friends tell me i find funny pictures and that i should share.

…so, I’ve decided to share the way I was taught in Kindergarten. 


I wasn't any good at it back then, but I've made some progress, you know. 
Ms. Beaumont - you would be so proud. .



And to be clear …


I don’t do everything my friends say.

(Like, I wouldn’t jump off a bridge if they told me to, but they would never say that because that’s just mean.)

And mean people suck. 


man flu

( warning : the content is so awesome but so not kid-approved )


Belly laughing makes everything better.


So, giggle like it’s 1999. Huh? 

Laugh so hard you pee a little.

(go ahead, nobody is looking ... see if that $#%$ doesn't feel great!)



great dane



Do you know how amazing laughing is for you?

 (wonderful, physiological things happen when we laugh – how cool is that?)


Laughing is #magnificent.


Scroll down to see the best reasons to laugh.

C’mon, you know you want to … 






Here are the 5 best reasons to laugh…

(as if you need a reason)


1. laughing reduces stress hormones.

(and we all have these suckers)

Stress hormones can wreak havoc on your body.

They mess with your libido (not even fair!), interrupt your sleep, slow down digestion & metabolism, cause anxiety, pain, and even heartburn and nausea.

No thanks.



2. laughing is good for your abs. 

Oh ya, baby – bounce a quarter off of those bad boys…or just get a workout.

(no coins bouncing over here – but man, it feels good to laugh!)



3. laughing lowers your blood pressure.

High blood pressure is awful – for every part of your body.

It affects your heart, your brain, your kidneys – the list goes on and on.

Click this link to learn more about high blood pressure

(but start with laughing your ass off)



4. laughing boosts your immune system T cells.

Boost those babies!

(awesome for this time of year when lots of bugs are going around.)



5. laughing triggers the release of your body’s natural pain killers called “endorphins“.

These little guys belong to a group of neurotransmitters – a fancy, medical term for brain chemicals.

All you need to know is that laughing causes secretion of the good guys.

More about these good guys here.




I have a little obsession with sending my girlfriends these hilariously nasty e-cards.
Not gonna lie. 


melted cheese




And just for good measure

(what does that mean, anyway?) 


One of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen in my life

(other people’s fear makes me howl – see? twisted again.)

(millions have seen this, but just in case you haven’t, it is worth every second)


Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 9.08.26 PM


ps… @theellenshow – l.o.v.e you! YOU are all kinds of amazing! 

YOU have made this world a better place…

one person at a time.

one compassionate word at a time.

one laugh at a time.


You have changed our social consciousness and we are all better for it..

i (for one) am so grateful.  thank you, ellen.



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