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This post is about girlfriends, glamping, & 50 Shades of Grey… oh, ya baby!

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G.L.A.M.P.I.N.G = camping without so much “camp” and a little a lot more glamour

(like fluffy duvets, feather boas, & cocktail hour)

… because we are all too precious for ‘rustic’, you know? ;*

5 women. 4 days. 3 nights. 2 fun for words …

no work.
no children.
no make-up.
no spouses.
no internet.
no apologies.

nobody wants anything from us.

 Just a little bit a lot of estrogen, a few (dozen) raccoons, and 5 sassy women aged 30-50.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it? I mean, up until the raccoon part …


So, we go glamping.


whatever you decide to do .

* what makes YOU happy ? *

Glamping makes me very happy, but not for the reasons you may think.

It’s true :  

~ Our mattresses are 2 feet thick and we bring duvets. 

( yep, duck down duvets. Quack Quack. Sickening, I know! )

~ And we bring feather boa’s to wear.

( where you ask? Around the campfire while we sip lovely things, of course! )

~ And our tent has a dressing room and a separate sleeping quarters.

( we've got this glamping thing down! And you doubted? PFFT. )

~ And we bring dragon fly lights…to light up our site.

( and sometimes hang the feather boas around the site because ... well, we can )

~ And we bring tiki torches to “dance” around.

Oh, and the most beautiful food & wine cooked over an open flame …

( proof below...but shhh, don't tell anyone I showed you! )


While you’re here, check out this #awesome beginners guide to glamping : Glamping Guide


glamping girlfriends 50 shades of grey

And while all of those things are completely amazing, that’s not why I love glamping.

We cry. We dance. We sleep.

We get silly. We melt down.

We read. We eat. We create.

We decompress. We play scrabble.

We talk. We don’t talk.

We laugh so hard it hurts.

Sometimes we laugh so hard we cry

(or even pee a little. shhhh...)

BUT, I love glamping because …


It is a safe space to let go in the company of girlfriends & their unwavering love.

It is the refilling & the playfulness & the relaxation.

It is the space to be ourselves. 

glamping girlfriends 50 shades of grey

What happens at glamping stays at glamping-like a mini Vegas without the… umm, Vegas. 😉

( I can't even post pictures -that's one of our rules. I had to get special authorization to post the one above! hehe )

A year’s worth of conversation over a raging campfire.

( ahem, we sometimes frequently get in trouble from the park warden for various things, like raging fires & other stuff )

A year’s worth of life and love and pain and joy.





And here is what I have learned :

It isn’t about the rest or the wilderness or the fresh air.

It isn’t even about 5 days of freedom & silliness.


It’s about love and support and letting go.

It is about surrendering to the ebb & flow of life.

It is about allowing yourself to be fully seen and known.


And there is nothing sexier than the raw, unvarnished, beautiful you. 

 (… and THAT is why glamping is the 51st shade of grey –you sexy beast ! )


Every woman should have a group of friends that hold her up and pour into her heart …

( click here for my free e-book about the ebb & flow of life & allowing yourself to be seen-instant download )


Get a few of your girlfriends together and start something. Now. Don’t wait.

It doesn’t have to be 4 days or even in the wilderness.

Glamping is what YOU say it is.


These women make life infinitely better, they are my salvation, my safe place.

So, whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy.

Your turn-what is your glamping ?

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