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Christmas is the daddy of all holidays for billions of people. .

For some, it is beautiful.

For others, it is painful.

It is a time of year that comes with great expectation.

It is also a time of year when most of us get “caught up”.

.Perhaps this year, it will be different for some of us.

Perhaps this year, we will notice the little, unusual things …



I remember when my husband and I used to dread Christmas.

It meant running around to make our appearances with the children, cramming in “quality time” with people we hadn’t seen all year (how funny is that?) …and like clock work, I got sick every year.

My body would finally quit.

After juggling too many balls for too long, my body would flat out give me the ol’ finger.

34 hours of straight sleep.

Complete & total exhaustion.


And then one year my husband said “I don’t want to do this anymore”. 

And we stopped. Just like that.

…we didn’t stop visiting the people we loved and we didn’t stop celebrating Christmas … 

we stopped with the ‘obligatory’ yes. 


And an amazing thing happens when you decide to do what is best for your little family – your family responds by thriving in what is best for them. 


It is not about shutting out the world.

It is not about being a scrooge. 

It isn’t even about slowing down. 

It is about creating the space you need to notice what is right in front of you.

The ordinary.

The simple.

The familiar.

Like noticing the sprinkles that make your life colourful


#christmas #cookies #delicious


What if we look forsavour what most people don’t notice ?

( life is, after all, in the details )

What would that look like for you ?

What little things make your heart lighter ?


Now, I notice…

the smells of the season …

cinnamon.   gingerbread.   a roaring fire.   peppermint. 


…the smell of a fresh Christmas tree.

Ahhhh, sweet pine …it is amazing. C’mon, go sniff a tree!


evergreen branch scratch and sniff



Or the calm that washes over me while I’m reading a book on cold night, listening to the wind howl outside, wrapped in a blanket my grandmother crocheted me 35 years ago…


 And hot chocolate.

57 gagillion different flavours! 

With real whipped cream.

No edible oil here.

No serious hot chocolate drinker would consume edible oil, anyway !


any flavour you wish … the list is endless ! 


 Candy Cane Hot Chocolate


Mexican Hot Chocolate ( wait…what?! )


Brandy Alexander White Hot Chocolate ( seriously! )


Peanut Buttercup Hot Chocolate


hot chocolate


When everybody goes to bed and the house is quiet, I sometimes turn off all of the lights and crawl under the Christmas tree and look up.

What a view …

Then I close my eyes and just breathe… before long, our dog crawls over to snuggle in beside me.

She gently reminds me to notice the small things..


The beauty of a fresh snowfall.

That kind of #beauty is both deafening, and breathtaking.


forests 277



Sharing stories about anything and everything with a friend for 3 hours.

Belly laughing until it hurts.

Then getting that text an hour later that says “it felt so good to laugh with you”.

Her text – that took 7 seconds to type – makes your whole day better. 


The sound of a crackling fire. 


Bundling up to take the dog for a walk with the people you love.

The cold, crisp air on your face.

 The frozen cheeks.

And then coming back in for the “thaw”. 

This is the blessing of #winter

dog for a walk


. Driving by the nuttiest light show on the block-National Lampoon’s, Clark Griswold style – and feeling like a kid all over again as you think : “that’s so awesome”


That rare, quiet moment when you catch your son cuddling with the dog under the tree and you think “god, my heart is so wrapped up in that boy”.

And you savour every second, because you know he won’t sit still very long.

kids dog #cuddle time



The unexpected, beautiful conversation with a stranger smack dab in the middle of the nuttiness of the Christmas rush.

…the kind of conversation that restores your faith in humanity in less than 2 minutes. 


keep calm

Ya, that’s heaven.


My close friends will tell you that I love details … and they would be correct.

It’s the details that make my life meaningful.

What little, unusual things do you notice ?

What makes you smile inside? 


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