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I am no longer a podcast virgin..

Cate Moore Podcast on

I’ve done my first! 


(what does woot-woot mean anyway? ok, moving on…)


And w.o.w, doing a podcast is a little nerve wracking.

…because openly discussing your deepest thoughts is a bit like being naked in front of people you’ve never met.

(when you’re pasty white like me, let’s just say it’s an interesting and slightly creepy visual)


end of your comfort zone


Why do we share ourselves at all?

…in our blogs, our conversations, our social media

…and even in a podcast (eek!)


Because we all have a story. 

Because we all deserve to be heard. 

Because we all matter. 

And we connect with others in our vulnerability & truth. 


In the podcast, I open up about things I used to hide. 


I talk about 3 things that changed me. Forever. 

I laughed.

I cried.

I stumbled over my words. 


And for me, the greatest gift in opening up about who you are is the freedom & peace that comes from not being afraid to let people really see you. 



when it rains



It was such a great experience.

You know why?  


Because great questions can change you.


You know what I’m talking about …

Someone asks you a (seemingly innocent) question and the second you hear it, it sends you into a mental tailspin and you know (oh, you know)  




That’s the allure of Peter’s site

Peter says “the wonder of the question lies in the interpretation of it.”

so true !


What 3 things, people, experiences made you, YOU?


There it is.

The big question.

Dig in.


podcast Cate Moore.

Please share this post (remember Kindergarten? hehe)

…or talk to Peter on his site

…or talk to me below


Because we all appreciate encouragement.

xo, Cate


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