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Nolan Moore video

.Have you ever been called someone’s “sweet little mango”?

I was. By this sweet face  ~>

Check it out here or go click him. 

Or read the full post and get the inside scoop ( ahem, it’s so worth it )




I contemplated writing this post for Mother’s Day…and then decided not to and here’s why :

… most days feel like Mother’s Day to me

(except when I want to flip my kids off behind their back! haha)



( before you check out because this sounds like a “my-life-is-so-perfect” post – let me just say it is so not that kind of post)


This is a post about how difficult it can be to parent well.

It is about the insecurities we all feel.

It is about how we all really do our best.

And, it is about being able to admit the joy you feel.



I have raised/am raising three children and have made many mistakes.

I raised my first daughter as a single parent until she was 8, then I met my husband and we had two more.

I although I am not proud to admit it, I have not always been connected to my children, especially our oldest.


I spent so many years trying to show her a great example of a strong woman who could thrive alone, and be mommy & daddy, stay strong for the both of us … that I neglected to connect with her little heart.

(related post on parenting here)


My intentions were admirable, I think … but the result was painful for her.


And here is what I have realized over the years : we all do the very best we can with what we have. 


It is that simple.

And when we know better, we do better.

( in the words of the late, magnificent Maya Angelou )


Even when we look back and judge ourselves up and down and all around for absolutely everything we did and thought and felt…we can still say “I did the best I was capable of.”


…and only then can we forgive ourselves for not knowing what we didn’t know before we learned it. 

Our children are often mirrors of us…not always, but sometimes. Even (and especially) the ugly parts.

(so difficult to honestly look at sometimes.)


And like I said, we all do the best we can. 


We are so hard on ourselves… and nobody gets better when they feel like crap.

We want to feel good… we want to believe our love is more than enough.


Fast forward and my baby is now 20, and our other two children are 10 and 7.

They are the kind of children who walk around the house singing.

Our son tells me 10-20 times a day in as many ways just how perfect and beautiful I am.

( he is borderline obsessed with this and it got me thinking … ) 

Even when it is laced in a unintentional insult like: “even when you look like THAT mommy, with no make up on and pimples on your face, you are still the most beautiful thing on the planet”…

And I realized something :

My vision is flawed. 

I have not forgiven myself. 

My son’s vision is perfect.

He doesn’t see the mistakes or the pain.

He just sees someone who loves him to pieces and that is beautiful to him.

( And I think he is on to something )


And so, Dave Tebbutt (a brilliant video guy) and I decided to roll a video and let Nolan talk.

Here is what happened…

( warning : too cute for words )



Nolan Moore video

I hope when you listen to him you feel beautiful,

… because loving somebody makes you beautiful.


Does it all sound a little corny?

( perhaps, but it is still true )


Think about your darkest moments. What pulled you out of it?

I bet you love had something to do with it.

The way someone loved you …

The way you loved yourself …

The way you loved someone else …


my favorite

So, what’s love got to do with it?

… just about everything.

Smart woman, that Tina Turner.



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