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You Won’t Hear Much About This Side of Depression…

Depression is a popular topic, laced in stigma.

There is so much written about depression, most often from the perspective of the person suffering. And rightly so.
AND there is another side-a painful, layered, and often forgotten side.
It is painful to watch someone slowly slip away for a month, and then two and then three, then 14…

So you push and pull and love and pray and cry and get angry…anything to get some reaction, some engagement…but it doesn’t come …until one day it does.

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How Imagining Death Will Help You Live Beautifully.

We all look back on our lives and want to change something, don’t we?
We are fallible. Fragile. Perfectly imperfect.
That’s what it means to be human, no?
This is especially true with our relationships, isn’t it?
This blog is about beautiful, fragile, messy relationships.
This blog is about how we love, sometimes getting it wrong, but still trying to get it right.
This blog is about how you decide to write your love story.

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You Don’t Need To Be Fixed …

You don’t need to be fixed.
And it isn’t your job to fix anybody else…you are perfectly quirky just the way you are.
Because feeling like you’re too much of something or not enough of another-really hurts.

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Why Glamping is the 51st Shade of Grey.

. This post is about girlfriends, glamping, & 50 Shades of Grey... oh, ya baby! ( I've also got some free downloads for you throughout this post ) * G.L.A.M.P.I.N.G = camping without so much "camp" and a little a lot more glamour (like fluffy duvets, feather boas,...

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THIS is Easily The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Done…

We all have preconceived ideas of who we are and …
Sometimes those ideas are narrow.
Sometimes those ideas are wrong.
We label ourselves, even if we don’t do it aloud we certainly have an inner dialogue about it.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to see ourselves through fresh eyes every once in a while.

I have decided to practice doing this and I think you should too.

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The Low Down Dirty on Self-Promotion

I think so many of us are uncomfortable with self-promotion. Perhaps it is too personal..

Perhaps we aren’t convinced of our own value.
Perhaps we are afraid of appearing arrogant.
Perhaps we confuse self-promotion with self-flattery.

I think you should reconsider….

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Let Love Find You.

Know who is worthy of your trust.
Know who will call you to more.
Know whose love changes you.

And then, gratefully receive their love because being loved well changes everything.

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What Makes YOU Uniquely Beautiful ?

I am writing a book about what is be-you-tiful about YOU.
What is the answer for you?
(a tough question for some. let’s practice answering it)

The shape of your hands?
A particular feature on your face?
Your courage?
A scar from an experience that gave you a new perspective on life?
Your freckles?
The sound of your voice?
The way you hug someone?
The way your hair feels?

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The Beauty of a Good List

I am not a fan of the “list”, but perhaps I haven’t given the list it’s fair shake…
Perhaps, I have judged too harshly & too quickly.
You want a good list? I’ve got a list of reasons you should read this blog list. Giddy up.

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