We all have a story to tell...


I'm Cate.

I love people. I love food. I love good conversation.

I love laughing until my belly aches.

The human body fascinates me.

And, I am deeply affected.

I believe we are all fumbling our way through life as gracefully as possible ...trying to create something meaningful & have some fun along the way. 

We all crave authentic conversation and connection ...

We all know pain & joy and we do the best we can every single day ...

And my blog is where I talk about it ALL. No watering it down or shining it up ...just beautiful, messy life. 


Sooooo, back to ME (hehe).

I get bored easily (probably a little undiagnosed ADHD) so over the years I have been ...

  • a childbirth doula (I'm a bit of a baby junkie)

  • a kick-boxing instructor (I have a wicked round house, so watch out!)

  • a photographer

  • a drug dealer  (the legal, pharmaceutical kind)

  • a sea cadet

  • past creator & founder of a medical spa, called "TRU" (a very cool, iconoclastic one, if I can just be proud for a second)

  • a wine taster (...a self-appointed position that I actively maintain. Truth)

  • a groupie (ok..ok...just with my husband's band, but still, it sounds cool!)

  • a bartender ... original, I know.

  • a chocolate connoisseur (again, self-appointed)

  • a laser hair removal technician (I've seen enough hairy parts to last a lifetime, and when the wine flows so do my awesome stories about those hairy parts...)


You know ... lots of fun stuff.

Now, it's your turn ... tell me about YOU here

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Depression is a popular topic, laced in stigma.

There is so much written about depression, most often from the perspective of the person suffering. And rightly so.
AND there is another side-a painful, layered, and often forgotten side.
It is painful to watch someone slowly slip away for a month, and then two and then three, then 14…

So you push and pull and love and pray and cry and get angry…anything to get some reaction, some engagement…but it doesn’t come …until one day it does.

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How Imagining Death Will Help You Live Beautifully.

We all look back on our lives and want to change something, don’t we?
We are fallible. Fragile. Perfectly imperfect.
That’s what it means to be human, no?
This is especially true with our relationships, isn’t it?
This blog is about beautiful, fragile, messy relationships.
This blog is about how we love, sometimes getting it wrong, but still trying to get it right.
This blog is about how you decide to write your love story.

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