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guess who i am


not a pitch, I really am.

(excited to have a publisher on board already-still doing my happy dance. eek!)

** ( click here for a video link if you don’t feel like reading ) **


It’s a book about what makes you unique, about what makes you beautiful. 

Not through the eyes of others, but through your own.


It’s a book about #beauty as you define it, not as it is defined by the multibillion dollar marketing machine that loves to air brush & edit so heavily we’ve forgotten how to behold our own beauty. .


beauty .

And I want you to be in it – will you?



beyoutiful .

What is BE-YOU-TIFUL about you?

( a tough question for some. let’s practice answering it )



The shape of your hands?

A particular feature on your face?

Your courage?

A scar from an experience that gave you new perspective?

Your freckles?

The sound of your voice? 

The way you hug someone?

The way you laugh?


Maybe it’s unique because it tells a story….




.cate mirror


What do you really see when you look in the mirror?  


I’ll break the ice and go first, trusting so many of you will relate.

( ps, feeling a little naked-and pasty white-but here goes…)


If I am being completely honest, sometimes I don’t like what I see.

I am too critical of myself and I know it.


Sometimes, I see my past mistakes & pain when I look in the mirror.

Sometimes, I don’t see my face, but rather the tenderness & love in my eyes and I feel like my heart might explode.


some days i feel strong


… and then I think, “what would I say to my children or a friend?”.

I would say: you were created perfectly imperfect and you are magnificent creature, exactly as you are.

I would say: don’t waste one minute on this stuff because it isn’t important.  


seeing myself through new eyes

I have always hated my nose (hang on, it gets better. promise)

I used to see it as odd shaped & large.

But in the last few years I have come to find it beautiful

(and not for the reasons you may think).


One of my fondest memories of when our babies were teeny tiny was the way their little heads used to smell as I held them; the smell was so uniquely beautiful and it didn’t matter how exhausted I was, it always made me smile.

 The thought of it still brings tears to my eyes. 


I have so many wonderful memories triggered by certain smells, like… 

* fresh baked bread

* my husband’s cologne

* my grandmother’s pressed powder

* campfire on my clothes

(And I know I’m not alone in this because our daughter asks my husband to spray a shirt before he goes away so she can sleep with it.)


But as I grow up (haha) I realize how grateful I am for a healthy body, heart, and mind – and now my nose is included on the list.


…so I pierced it – but that’s another story! 




( that Dr. Seuss knew a thing or two about life )




What is uniquely beautiful about you? Name it. It feels awesome. 


Comparison really is the thief of joy. We all do it. It’s exhausting. Let’s stop.


comparison is the thief of joy



Instead, let’s…

recognize and honour


So, that’s where you come in.


Will you let me tell your story?

Will you grace the pages of this book with so many others?


If this isn’t your thing but you know someone who would like to be part of this, please forward this post.

I would appreciate that very much…


Or drop me a line at or click here


interested in finished product