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Has your idea of sexy changed dramatically over the years?

Or is it just me?


OK, I have a confession to make :

… sexy looks a little lot different at 42 then it did 20 years ago and I’m thrilled.

I can picture the twenty-somethings rolling their eyes at me. And that's ok. They'll get here too. 😉

Are you with me on this one or am I going crazy?

.I was 20, I thought 42 was near death.

I have to laugh at how ignorant I was (or I’ll cry) because 42 (or 62 or 72) isn’t even close to death… and in some ways we just start to live in our forties, don’t we ?


42 is sexy as hell.

(there, I said it!)

* disclaimer : Because there is so much edited, “my life is perfect” stuff online, I want to be clear that my man does a few lots of things that are gross. 😉 But today we’re talking about what sexy is. So, I’ll leave the gross stuff for another post *


Here’s why :

1. The way you tilt your head back when you laugh at your own jokes.

2.  The way you get lost in the music when you play your bass.

3.  The way you walk aimlessly around the house looking for someone to cuddle.

4. The way your crows feet reveal how often you smile.

5.  The way you sing in the kitchen, sipping your wine, while we wait for your dinner creation.

6.  The way your face lights up when you look at our children.

7.  The way “whatever you need, Cate” doesn’t have a limit or an expiry date or subtext and hasn’t since the day you said it.

8.  The way you warn me before I come home if the house is a mess because you know me that well.

9.  The way you tilt your head to the side, stretch out your arms, and say “oh, come here” when I am standing at the edge of a meltdown.

10. The way you put everything aside to be there for our children so they can do whatever lights them up-hockey or violin or a lemonade stand or deck gymnastics.

11.  The way you vacuum, not because you want to, but because you know dog hair makes me crazy.

12.  The way you take care of garbage & dog poop because you know I pretend to gag when I do.

13.  The way people gravitate towards you and tell you their life story because they feel safe with you.

14.  The way you tuck me in & kiss my forehead before you sneak away to your studio man cave.

15.  The way you get dressed and then stand in front of me exasperated and say “is this ok?”. So cute.

16.  The way you love wide-open-heart-out-no-holds-barred.

(I lied. There are 16 ways. Oops!)

ps…trim that ear hair boys, that sh#@ isn’t sexy. 😉



YOU, my love, are sexy as hell because :

… you have no interest in pretending to be anything you are not.



You have brought sexy back.

It just doesn’t look the way it used to.

It looks so much better.


husband love

Your turn.


Sexy is in the eye of the beholder.

Has it changed for you?

What do you find sexy?

Let’s chat in the comments below.

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