The Art of Authenticity ...because loving our inner train wreck is how the magic happens

Love beautifully, live fully, and age gracefully. Be deeply affected. Don't hide who you are. Don't water it down or shine it up. Even (and especially) when life gets messy.

 We all want to love beautifully, live fully, and age gracefully ...don't we?

I write about it all because I have something to say.

I write because perhaps others will relate.

Not because I think I have mastered this authenticity thing,

... but because I am learning myself, just like you.


So, about this authenticity thing ...

Doesn't it feel good to accept ourselves just as we are?

It doesn't mean we stop growing, just that we stop beating ourselves up.

Start loving your inner train wreck, that is how the magic happens. 

... this is what keeps me up at night.

... this is the voice I cannot quiet.


Let's stop here and talk about what it means to live authentically.

The word "authentic" has become an overused and meaningless term.

There are checklists and quizzes and other ways to "discover" if you are living authentically…but this so tragically misses the point.


There is no checklist.

There is no quiz.

There is only your precious life, and what you do with it.


We are all told we have to be flawless to succeed.

We're supposed to be able to do it all. Impeccably.

We are fed edited images of strength, beauty, and authenticity that aren't even real ... they've been photo shopped, altered, polished up, deconstructed, and then fed to us with the message: you are not enough as you are, you must be more

... and that's total crap.

We are told to live up to someone else's idea of who we should be; and then we are told to be ourselves.We are expected to reconcile it all and because we cannot and should not, we go through life feeling the need to hide.


We put up walls.

We pretend we are ok.

We create shinier versions of ourselves.

And we water down how we feel, and often go numb.

We all do it in some way.


Why don't we instead ...

~ Recognize & leverage our uniqueness.

~ Courageously & honestly author our own stories.

~ Allow ourselves to be fully seen & deeply affected.

~ Choose to be a light, knowing that acknowledging someone else's beauty and strength does not diminish our own.


And… live in The Art of Authenticity.


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